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Founded in Los Angeles, CA in November 2016, KCP, a joint venture of three major broadcasters in Korea, provides high quality contents to consumers promptly through its own premium services. KCP continuously develops its own technology and secures carefully selected best contents around the world to become the world's top premium contents platform.


KCP(Korea Content Platform) is an American entertainment company founded on November 22, 2016, in Los Angeles, California. 
It is a joint venture with 3 major Korean Broadcast Networks - KBS (Korean Broadcasting System), MBC (Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation) and SBS (Seoul Broadcasting System) – which have brought you lots of splendid K-Dramas that you’ve watched and enjoyed. 

The big fans of K-Drama made us global entertainment companies. Thanks to their passion and support, KCP is bringing you a new brand of K-Drama, called KOCOWA (Korean Content Wave).

Like a cup of hot chocolate cocoa, we’d like to pour lots of excitement to sweeten your world by bringing you a whole different K-Drama experience. To follow our own motto "Just for You!", we promise to make this platform more personalized to your needs.

This summer, be ready to talk,

play and share your experience with KOCOWA.


KOCOWA is a premium mega K-Drama platform.
We deliver various hit series from KBS, MBC. SBS and other content partner programs.

  1. Fast and Steady VOD service of current K-Drama series
  2. High quality subtitles created by professional translators
  3. Huge library of Hot Trend K-Drama and KOCOWA classics (Evergreen contents)

You can also meet KOCOWA service in our global partners

KOCOWA will make your watching experience more exciting with our partners!

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Los Angeles, CA 90005
96, Yeouinaru-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu
Seoul, 07339, Republic of Korea



Jul 25, 2017

Kocowa launched on Monday and features variety shows, dramas and other programs hours after they air in South Korea. The shows also include translations; its parent company, KCP, says it's working with a translation team with the goal of eventually airing shows in English nearly simultaneously with the shows in South Korea.

Jul 24, 2017

American fans of Korean dramas and K-pop are getting a new streaming-video option: Kocowa, a service launching in the U.S. from the three biggest broadcasters in Korea.

Jul 25, 2017

La plataforma apuntará a los fanáticos de los contenidos coreanos en EEUU, ofreciendo una combinación de dramas coreanos y contenidos de K-pop, que se podrán ver traducidos apenas seis horas después de su emisión en Corea.

Jul 17, 2017

 Les trois principales chaînes de télévision du pays, KBS, MBC et SBS, ont lancé un service de streaming pour offrir rapidement leurs séries et émissions de variétés aux téléspectateurs américains.

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